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Our Summer Packages


Summer Comprehensive Experience

Unlock summer learning excitement! Access our exclusive program, games, worksheets, and expert feedback.
  • Access to our exclusive Summer Reading/Writing Program for 6 full weeks.
  • Customized learning games and activities spanning from 4th Grade to 8th Grade
  • Unique worksheets crafted by our team of educators
  • Individualized feedback coupled with expert advice on your writing
  • Motivational point system that calculates progress and leads to a progress report at the end of the program.

The online program commences on July 1st for early registrants. For those registering after this date, the program begins on the day of registration and continues for a duration of six weeks.

Please note that registration closes at 11:59 p.m. PST on August 11th.

$ 400 USD


Summer Class Pass

Expand your knowledge and skills, one class at a time, this summer!
  • Live online class sessions with a Beyond Academics's teacher
  • Reading Comprehension Goals
    • Applying Response to Literature techniques
    • Deciphering a story's themes and morals
    • Writing the claim for a book report or Response to Literature composition
    • Using a story's themes to write a plot summary
    • Learning writing formulas that help your child write effective introductory paragraphs for book reports
    • And other response-to-literature aspects!
  • We will adapt our aim and speed according to the needs of your child
The live classes with Beyond Academics commences on July 1st for a duration of four weeks. Sessions happen from Monday to Thursday with no class on July 4th. The program includes a total of 15 classes at the price of $65 per class. This option does not include the Online Summer Reading & Writing Program.

$ 975 USD

Best Value Star!


Summer Best of Both Worlds

Experience the Ultimate Fusion of All-Inclusive Learning Resources and Flexibility This Summer!
  • All of Package #1 with the access to our exclusive Online Summer Reading/Writing Program for 6 full weeks, customized learning games and activities, unique worksheets, individualized feedback and a motivational point system that calculates progress and leads to a progress report at the end of the program.
  • All of Package #2 with live online sessions with a Beyond Academics's teacher, unique curriculum with specific reading comprehension skills.
  • Best value and more guidance

Please read the details for both Package #1 and #2 as they will apply to Package #3.

Note: By choosing Best of Both Worlds, you will receive a discounted total of $250 for six weeks of Portal Beyond access and $55 per live class.

$ 1,075 USD

The Summer Class Sessions Schedule

with Beyond Academics

If you choose Package #2 or Package #3, you will be able to choose the time of your class session. Make sure to refer to the schedule below before checking out.
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Disclaimers: 1. A class will open if at least 2 students register, AND 2. No class on July 4th, 2024


If you're interested in sampling our program before making a purchase, feel free to take a complimentary sneak peek and immerse yourself in the experience.

Delve into the first activity to uncover the limitless potential awaiting you at our virtual carnival.

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